Gifted Program Preparation


The Ontario Ministry of Education recognizes giftedness as an exceptionality and mandates that it is the responsibility of school boards to provide special education programs and services for students with special education needs. Identification, placement, and review procedures are regulated by the Ministry. One of the main criteria for gifted identification process involve CCAT percentile.

The Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test (CCAT) is a test of learning potential. The CCAT assesses factors that are associated with learning in school. The CCAT does not test the curriculum taught in the classroom. Rather, it measures reasoning skills and problem-solving abilities which are common to a number of subject areas. This score indicates the scope and strength of a student’s overall cognitive ability for learning.

Course Curriculum:

Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Quantitative assessment


  • Free selection probability assessment
  • Familiarization with Regional Program Format
  • Access to our “Student progress application” to view progress of child
  • Info session with parents & students
  • Gifted Program Practice Tests
  • Experience sharing session with Gifted students
  • Familiarization with admission criteria’s and admission requirements
  • Scoring of each practice test
  • Specialized instructional support in all focus areas

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