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BraineRS Academy online tutoring programs and curriculum are recognized as one of the best that has benefited hundreds of children already. Our highly educated and well trained tutors work online with your student in the comfort of your own home on a schedule that is convenient for you!

BraineRS Academy online tutoring services offer plenty of benefits:

  •       1. Free online placement assessment
  •       2. Study online with our expert tutor from the comfort and safety of your home
  •       3. Flexible schedules
  •       4. OCT certified tutors for Elementary, Middle and High School students
  •       5. Receive personalized learning material before each class
  •       6. Parents access to our “Student Progress Application” to view real time       progress of their child
  •       7. Secure and easy to use technology

How It Works

  • 1. Student receive e-mail containing link and id for the class

Joining is easy. It takes 10 seconds to join the session


  • 2. Student receive study material to work in the online session with Tutor

Personalized study material is shared before each class


  • 3. Student attend online session and start learning

Meet your tutor in our online classroom! Tutor provide instructions to students via screen sharing. Video is kept on throughout the session


  • 4. Parents track progress through our “Student Progress Application”

Parents and Students are given access to our specially designed “Student Progress Application”. Tutor records Homework, Classwork and daily progress            summary in application after each class. Parents and Students can view the progress by accessing the application while sitting at home or office


  • 5. Parents receive continuous feedback about progress of their child from Tutor

Our teachers establish a communication channel with parents and provide regular feedback about the progress of their child through e-mail, phone and other preferred communication medium

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